Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 18
We rent vehicles to all renters above the age of 18 . However, drivers under the age of 25 can’t book reservations online. Please call in the local office to reserve your reservation. There is an additional fee for drivers under the age of 25.

Additional Drivers
1 additional drivers permitted an additional charge of $3 per day applies.
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 18
Additional drivers must be present at time of checkout

Fuel Policy
Vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel as noted at checkout.
Fuel charges and an additional fee will apply for vehicles returned with less fuel then required.

Deposit Requirements
VISA, Master Card, Discover.
Debit Card deposits are accepted. Reservations with a debit card, deposit need to be made in person at the rental office, and at least 7 days prior to rental date. There is a minimum of $1,000.00 security deposit required for all deposits made on a debit card.

Payment Methods
IMPRES RENT A CAR accepts the following methods of payment:
VISA, Master Card, Discover AMEX, Debit Card, Direct Bill (with prior approval).

Underage Fees

Under 21 Fee
$120.00 per day
$840.00 per week

Under 25 Fee
$25.00 per day
$175.00 per week

Cancellation Policy
There is a $50.00 cancellation fee for reservation cancelled within 48 hours of the reservation pick up time.
Geographic Restrictions
Rental vehicle are allowed to be driven within the state or in neighboring states up to 150 mile radius.

International Reservations

All international reservations must be made on the phone, and can’t be booked online.